Monday, August 16, 2010

I was born in CLEVELAND.

To me, Cleveland feels like a trip to 1950.

Maybe it has to do with my grandmother's house.

Maybe it has to do with the perfectly manicured lawns everywhere you look.

Maybe it has to do with the low buildings...or the quiet in the air.

Whatever it is, Cleveland feels like a time capsule to me.

I kind of feel like I might see Beaver and Ward at the Trader Joe's. But i havent just yet.

It doesnt feel disposable.

It feels reliable. Like a Waring Blender that stands the test of time.

Took Andrew to a classic spot for corned beef on rye
(yes i'm a vegetarian. but somehow a tiny slice of corned beef ended up in my gullet-i was raised on this stuff!)



Been going to Cleveland for decades...but scouting on the bike brings a completely new perspective!




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