Thursday, November 18, 2010

Erica & Roman, Engaged!

I LOVE these two.

Roman is passionate about photography himself, so he was very involved in the whole process of arranging this photo session. Its not often that I speak to the groom more than the bride, so I knew this was something important to him. I can definitely relate to that!

When they arrived in Dumbo, they could not have been anymore relaxed, full of love, and eager for a great day. We had ANOTHER gorgeous day in NYC. We've been insanely lucky lately.

And can I share their adorable story?? They met a year and half ago in NYC, only to discover that they are actually from the same village in the Ukraine. Roman arrived in NY when he was 5 years old. And Erica arrived when she was 10. So who knows! They are so beautifully perfect for each other that you have to imagine if they'd stayed in their village, that they would have met anyway. It definitely feels destined to be.

Stay tuned in the Spring next year when we'll be photographing the two of them tying the knot.
We're so excited!



Brandon, 90210 no???


her eyelashes are to die for

EricaRoman_Engaged_012 (1)



Erica's smile is so captivating.



No joke, as I was taking this picture, there were Central Park tourists behind me saying, Anne Hathaway! I think that's her. That's really her!



You guys are gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing your day.


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  1. Oh my God Jami, these are absolutely amazing. We are so excited. Thank you so much.

    Erica and Roman