Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freida's Family

Sweet Nolie! (a saying of my brothers, usually to address his friend Nolan, but i think it could be applied in situations of pure glee!)

Its been INSANELY isane in NYC this fall. Pinch me that it is mid November and we are still photographing outdoors sans jackets under the crisp fresh skies. Gratefulness is out in full force.

Frieda and her gorgeous family hung out with me in Prospect Park a couple weeks ago. They felt like such a FAMILY, a unit, a force to be reckoned with, that made each other laugh all along the way.

My favorite part? The fact that beautiful Frieda in her classy black look did not bat an eyelash when i suggested that everyone sit in the leaves. She didnt even FLINCH! Not for her self or for the kids. She was so cool about it you wouldve thought she was hanging out in her pajamas.

All the best to you guys! You were so much fun.
Here's to a gorgeous Fall.

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