Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lynne + Tim Counting the Days

Sorry for the lack of posts!

Andrew and I have been away...more on that later!

We've just returned and I wanted to share a shoot i did right before we left.
Lynne and Tim are expecting their baby's arrival very very soon!

Lynne is a dancer (and Tim is a musician. hello talented baby!)...and was mesmerizing to photograph.
I could have made pictures with her all day.
The photo shoot felt like a quiet celebration...of everything present and everything to come.
If I could bottle up the energy of the studio that day, shake it up, and let it go, out would come these images of Lynne.
For me, when photography really works, it captures so much within the confines of the frame, that it almost seems as if the frame might burst.

And the cutest part was that while I was shooting, Tim sat on an apple box on the side, from time to time saying, wow honey, you look amazing. you look so beautiful.

right he was.

all the best to you guys! cant wait to meet the new addition very soon.




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  1. These look so BEAUTIFUL and powerful. Kudos to the talented photographer and her gorgeous subject.