Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Colorado Bound

This Friday, I have 2 images in the "Blue" show at the Center of Fine Art Photography in Ft Collins, Colorado. I'm super honored to be part of the show where one of my images, "Come and Go" received Honorable mention.

I'm also super excited to head that direction because I lived in Fort Collins for 3 years many moons ago! Before New York, before photography, there was Colorado...where I worked at the Suicide Resource Center developing a school program to talk to teenagers about suicide and suicide prevention. It was a super meaningful part of my life and an experience for which i'll forever hold close to my heart. I'm really excited to take Andrew there to show him a completely different part of my life.

Enjoy your week! And if you happen to be in Colorado on Friday, come on by!


p.s. I just realized I said "super" 3 times. Seriously, that is super ridiculous.

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