Friday, February 25, 2011

Here and gone again..!

I think it might actually be March 1st before I have a chance to sit at my desk and catch up!

But i wanted to send a quick hello!

The husband has been oh so fantastic on my 10 days back in NY between Detroit and Dallas (where i'm heading tonight to visit the fam)

The husband, who used to be a huge carnivore, still is, but we've deemed our house basically meat free. And his fish cooking skills in the meantime are becoming quite top notch!

I think he's just trying to make sure i actually come back and stay put.
I think it's gonna work.

(Oh yeah...i declare, i got an iPhone finally! Now i do not have to steal andrew's 'camera'...i have my own!
so, beware of occassional iphone camera pictures here and right now!)

Happy weekend all!

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