Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello from Detroit!

Excuse my absence lately!

I've been and still am in Detroit Michigan on my brother's movie set! Working around the clock 12-14 hours a day, i have literally no concept of date or time. What i do know that it is most definitely WINTER in this Great Lake State!

Wow. What a crazy awesome experience. I'm so ridiculously proud of him its insane.
I cant remember a time he wasnt acting. He's done it since he was this small. And I always ALWAYS knew eventually he would make a name for himself. I never doubted it for one hot minute.

And now, after spending the past 3.5 years forming his production company, Footprint Features, in LA, we are one week away from wrapping movie #1 called Family Weekend. Amazing.

And the supa fly part for me is that I get to share it with him! I'm here shooting publicity stills (called 'specials') to be used for marketing, and behind the scenes stills and video (called 'unit photography').

The other supa dupa part is that i've been making images with and of amazing people. (The family is made up of Matthew Modine, Kristin Chenoweth, Olesya Rulin, Eddie Hassel, Joey King, and Robbie Tucker. Along with Chloe Bridges and Chase Maser and wait for it, Adam Saunders). The cast is awesome. The crew is amazing. The whole operation is nuts. I cant wait to share images with you!

But for now, its all under wraps...

Back in NYC next week. Hope everyone is staying warm and doing well!


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