Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Year! Anniversary Trip

So many images from Colorado..and time is slipping away..!

So i thought i'd post a special shout out to my man...who i am about to celebrate ONE whole year of marriage with!..with some trip highlight pics.

Though my photo opening brought us to Colorado, we turned the rest of the trip into a little celebration, since I'll actually be out of town (that post to come!) for our actual anniversary in a few days.

Its been quite a year. Its been an amazing year. Its also been a challenging year. I guess you dont treasure the calm, if there have never been any waves.

But I have found someone to not only share the journey with, but to make the journey our own..funny, scary, kooky, amazing, shocking, brilliant, unexpected, and weirdly cool...and for that, I feel damn lucky.

Happy Anniversary Babe. !!












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  1. I'm blown away by that final image of the mountain range. not how I expected it to look like from above at all. Oh... and that picture with the Einstein statue is genius!!