Monday, August 1, 2011

little cousin Jackson

I know i've said it before, and you can totally tell me to shut up...well, you can but i wouldnt really hear you...but i love my "job."
In this busy world where we never have enough time to see each other and catch up, i get to actually schedule a time on the calendar to see you and hang out! Granted..photographing a 1 year old in the 100 degree heat at 9am (we're talkin Texas here) doesnt give you a lot of time to say more than "Jackson over here! Look Look!"...but it's still a treat.

And how great does my cousin Emily look as she's running, sweating, helping me get Jackson to look at us with a look that doesnt say "what are you girls doing? why am i sitting in the grass? and where is the fan machine the spews out ice cream?"

love you guys!





1 comment:

  1. HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT LITTLE (GREAT) NEPHEW OF MINE?????? Love those neck rolls! hee! hee! And this last photo is priceless!! I just want to pinch the little guy!! Can't wait to babysit for him again!