Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One Year Baby Photography-Gabriel through the year!

It's really one of my favorite group of shoots to look back on...Baby's First Year.
How is it possible that time goes this quickly, and that right before our eyes, these little magical bundles of baby, grow to where they are standing on their own two feet a mere 365 days later.

It started with Gabriel on his 12th day...then we did a sweet video with Tamron for his 7th month, and not so long ago, Gabriel had an awesome bday party and turned one.

(i'll forever wish i was Gabriel's size because mom has stocked him with some some amazing wardrobe pieces that i want to borrow! Thanks for being such a sport Gabriel. Hope you won't want to kill us when you're older.)

It's been a treat!..thank you for inviting me to document so many points in this majorly special year.


Gabriel's First Year!


...and wearing the same hat


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