Thursday, May 16, 2013

9 Weeks Baby Photography....Introducing Annie!

Wow. Annie, at 9 weeks, is quite the prompt little girl! She hit her sleeping schedule on the mark to the minute! I've never seen it before (kudos to her mom + dad!).
We worked quickly with her after her feeding time, while she awake and adorably sweet...and as the clock struck 12 (noon, not midnight in this case!), her little eyes closed, and to sleeptown she went. What a dream!
(I should have known how efficient she would be though, because a couple months ago, mom Becky literally wrote me an email in labor on the way to the hospital to follow up on our shoot schedule!! love it!)

I especially loved this family, since Becky + Billy met at SMU in Dallas, my hometown. Almost feels like there is secret handshake we do, spending time with my southern folk in the city!

And check out the pup, GB (Green Bean!). Loved him spying on Annie during our shoot.

Congrats Becky + Billy.
Thanks for spending your morning with me!



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  1. OMG!!!!! Those are the cutest photos ever!!! What a beautiful family! The one photo with her on her back is too, too cute. So are the ones of her feet and hands and, well, just all of them!! What a cutie petutie!!!