Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long Island Wedding...Congratulations Toni + Mariusz

Toni + Mariusz got married on a super beautiful blue sky breezy day on Long Island. Toni's sister Diane is a friend of mine (that i photographed here and here), and it was extra special to be invited to document such an important day for the family!

Since Toni + Mariusz live in the neighborhood where they were married, it felt really close to the heart. We even stopped by their favorite pub for a quick photoshoot, hello to the regulars, and of course...a cocktail!

Mariusz is from Poland and has many family members who speak Polish only. It was a super touching moment of the day when Toni + Mariusz, to the surprise of everyone, particularly his parents, read their vows in Polish as well as English. Such a warm family moment!

Congratulations to you both!
And thank you!


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  1. I have never seen such a beautiful bride. You shone like a star in the sky. Your dress was like out of a dream. I know how you wish your Mom was there but I know she was shining down on you like an angel. Toni, I love you and I am so happy for you and your new husband. Have a wonderful life and make beautiful babies. My love to you, Joan Rubinstein