Friday, July 18, 2014

New York Family Photography, One Last Time!

So I photographed these guys about 6 months ago when the little guy was a real little guy! So of course I was excited to hear from mom Wendy again...but when she contacted me via email, text, AND phone, I knew there was more to this story!

They were moving to San a week!

And wouldn't you know, the day that we could work out best for everyone was LITERALLY the DAY they were getting on a plane to fly to other side of the country, leaving New York! Knowing myself before a flight, how I pretty much don't sleep because I'm packing until the very last minute (and this is even if we're talking about a 3 day trip), made me SOOOO incredibly impressed with these guys...and so honored! That they would want to spend the last morning with me and my cameras, photographing such a defining moment in their lives. (Not to mention the fact you guys were sooooo relaxed and chill, I want to bow at your feet in awe!)

I hope you've gotten settled in San Francisco now and that these images of your old home make you smile.



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