Saturday, August 2, 2014

Newborn Photography, 15 Days!

So remember that insanely joyful and beautiful couple that I photographed getting married in Vermont here and here, well, they are now plus 1!

And omg, she's like a little chicklet, freshly hatched, with the softest most beautiful tufts of white blonde hair in town. Seriously! She's a little Goldilocks! She couldn't wait to get this party started, coming a little less than 3 weeks early, and is as perfect as can be...smiling and sleeping throughout the shoot...she is a total dream.

Stefanie is a make up stylist with a line of her own, and I have no doubt one day soon, we may be seeing photos of her doing make up with this little package of love strapped on hanging with the girls in a perfect mommy-daughter outing.

So excited for you guys.
Thanks for inviting me to capture your little beauty and new family at 15 days.


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